Commerce student has his say on US elections

04 November 2008 | Story by Carolyn McGibbon

Katekani Boloyi
Katekani Boloyi shared his thoughts on the American elections on CNN on Monday night.

Katekani Boloyi, a third-year commerce student at UCT, was one of the first to respond to an appeal by US news network CNN International to give a student's perspective on the American presidential elections. Boloyi even had the opportunity to plug his own favourite, in a calm analysis advising Americans to "vote for the man with the plan".

Boloyi's video message - recorded by the Faculty of Commerce's resident cameraman Darryl Brandreth - was screened on CNN on the eve of the US elections.

This followed a call by CNN correspondent Errol Barnett, who said he wanted "to enhance our coverage of the US Presidential election with a global perspective. Our goal is to reach out to some of the brightest, most vocal students in the world to gain a more pronounced view of their thoughts, opinions, and feelings associated with this election.

"We are particularly interested in how this election will directly affect them in their part of the globe".

Boloyi's video can be viewed online.

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