Urgent notice concerning Jammie Shuttle routes

21 July 2008

Those who travel along Baxter Road will have noticed the building works at the Tugwell Terminus interchange. The upgraded facility will provide a safer, more efficient and effective service and passengers are thanked for their patience during this process.

This is the route the buses will follow:

Tugwell Route

  • The Baxter Theatre Centre (Baxter Road) - as agreed with the theatre - will be the collection point for the main route to upper campus.
  • The smaller buses ("Senior" buses) will proceed to Burg Road - as agreed with Rustenburg Girls' Junior School - from where it will turn left into Main Road, and left into Woolsack Drive towards upper campus.
  • The larger "Explorer" Jamie Shuttles will not take the Burg Road route, but will travel via Bremner instead.
  • The drop-off point for the trip from upper campus to middle campus will be the Kopano bus stop, at the swimming pool, where all passengers will disembark. Campus Protection Services will be in attendance at this stop.

Rochester, Clarinus, Medical School, Forest Hill, Liesbeeck, Mowbray

  • The bus will travel from upper campus, via Woolsack Drive, turning left into Main Road and proceeding to these destinations.
  • The bus will return to upper campus along the same route: by travelling down the Main Road and turning right into Woolsack Drive.
  • The drop-off point is on Woolsack Drive at the School of Dance.
  • The bus leaving upper campus will be allowed to collect passengers along Main Road, at Tugwell, going north along the Medical School, Liesbeeck, etc, routes.


  • The bus will travel from upper campus, via Klipper Road, along the Main Road to Claremont.
  • It will return to upper campus via Main Road, turning left into Woolsack Drive and will stop at the School of Dance.
  • The Baxter loading area will not be used as a collection or drop-off point. Tugwell buses will be used to access this route. Sandown/Dean Street The Sandown/Dean Street service will not be affected.


  • The Hiddingh service will not be affected.

Please note that no passengers will be allowed to board upper campus-bound Shuttles at the drop-off in the Main Road. All timetables are subject to change. Information will be available on the UCT website and at the bus stops. Or contact the Shuttle Office on 021 685 7135 / 021 689 3496. Normal service will resume in four to six weeks.

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