Common sense in the face of crime

24 October 2005

As pre-exam fever (a mini silly season) hits the university, Campus Protection Services have their hands full monitoring and dealing with the fallout from student revelry. CPS urges students to be aware that thefts from residences usually increase around this time of year. Common sense should prevail.

"Lock your room at all times, even if you're going for a shower," Group 4 Securicor manager Vincent Rickets advised. "And lock away your personal belongings when there are visitors to your room."

He also urged staff to secure their offices when they leave them, even for a short visit to the photocopier or a colleague's office.

As robberies are rising in Rondebosch and its surrounds, people should walk in groups and not display items like cell phones. They should also walk in well-lit areas, Ricketts added.

"If you are confronted, adhere to the perpetrator's demands and hand over whatever they want. Your life is worth more than your valuables."

Some areas, like the walks above Rhodes Memorial, have become crime hotspots and should be avoided.

In conclusion, CPS wish students well over the exams, advising them to take the minimum with them to exam venues.

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