Two sides of the same coin is an appropriate phrase to describe the Bleazard twins.

06 December 2004

Although they may be graduating with different degrees this week (Janice with a BA in English and history, and Katherine with a Bachelor of Architecture Studies), and their career paths might lead them in separate directions next year, the sisters share a common passion - music.

Not only do they play various musical instruments, including the piano, oboe and cello, and sing in choirs, the Bleazards also have their own soft rock jazz band aptly called Blizzid. Between their hectic academic schedules they can be found performing gigs at various Cape Town venues.

"It comes from our mother's side of the family," explained Janice. "We have an uncle who is a concert pianist, so it must be in the genes. We have been performing for about two years now and also enjoy writing our own music and songs."

Unfortunately the band will be missing a key member and will have to be put on hold next year when Katherine (the older of the two by a mere five seconds) ventures to work in London for six months of the first year of her postgraduate architecture studies.

"We are very close and have never been apart from each other for more than two weeks, so there is definitely going to be some separation anxiety," noted Katherine.

"We do lead separate lives with our own friends, but it has always been comforting to know that we have each other to turn to when we need help," said Janice, who will be staying at UCT next year to read for an honours degree in history. "If I had a bad day on campus I always knew I would be able to meet Katherine for a cup of coffee and a chat. I will miss that next year."

It is when speaking to the twins about their academic interests that their diverse pursuits manifest themselves.

"It was the captivating history courses in first year that got me hooked," remarked Janice. "I'm interested in contemporary history and I'm inspired by the lecturers in the department who are so passionate about their subject and learning in general."

For Katherine, architecture allows her artistic and practical sides to merge.

They may have to go their separate ways for now, but the bond between the sisters will remain, irrespective of the distance. "Thank goodness for e-mail," they chorus.

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