Students design storage pouch

16 August 2004

As part of a course project, a group of six postgraduate students have come up with a novel storage pouch for active individuals.

The STUFF! pouch, developed by iShishini Ventures (meaning leadership in Zulu), is a multi-purpose, easy to use, durable and washable product that can be worn on the ankle or wrist and stores items such as keys, gym cards, cell phones and asthma pumps.

The students, who are completing the one-year postgraduate diploma in enterprise management in the School of Management Studies, believe the credit card sized pouch fulfils the storage needs of the sports enthusiast.

"Because it is made out of neoprene (wetsuit material), the pouch is lightweight, water resistant and comfortable. And the adjustable Velcro strap makes it a one-size-fits-all product that is essentially an extension of the body," explained student Gareth Morgan.

In an attempt to give students a taste of setting up a business in the real world, the diploma's Genesis project requires that the entrepreneur wannabes form a company and develop a product that can be positioned in the market place.

"This is as real as it gets," commented Morgan. "Is has been a real eye opener. Diversity management has been a big lesson as we have had to work in groups and deal with strong individuals and personalities. You can't walk away, you have to make it work."

It's all well and good to have the ideas but it's quite another to be able to implement them, said Morgan.

"The course acts as a parachute or safety net. It offers an opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them."

With their initial batch of 100 pouches already sold (they are available in certain sport and surf stores), iShishini Ventures are now targeting corporates such as health and running clubs.

"We have a new batch of 150 pouches that we are selling now. The product is currently available in black, blue and red as these colours complement the dynamic design. They can also be personalised to carry a company's branding."

The company will be wound up in two months time when the group will then assess the success of the venture. Some of the funds generated from sales will be donated to charity.

Members of iShishini Ventures are: Gareth Morgan, Shannon Grundlingh, Olivia Lawrence, Dylan Ball-Piatti, Jason Blythe and Allan Tytherleigh.

If you would like to purchase a pouch (they cost R25 each) you can contact Gareth Morgan on cell 073 274 4981 or e-mail

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