Rugby players needed for research

07 June 2004

Project Title: Determining whether VO2max is achieved when apparently healthy individuals are climbing stairs.

Project Details: You will need to come into the institute for a maximum of four times. At your first visit, we will measure your age, height, weight, body fat percentage a 1RM leg test (this is the maximal weight that your leg muscles can push on a leg press machine) and a VO2max test. (VO2max is a measure of your maximal oxygen consumption during a maximal exercise). You will then do a familiarisation of EMG testing (EMG is an indication of your muscle recruitment). Participants will be required to climb 169 stairs at their self-selected pace and then to run up 169 stairs at maximal pace without stopping. During this procedure, heart rate and VO2 max will be calculated.

Type of Subjects: First team male (8) and female (8), rugby players (4 frontline players and 4 back line players).

Benefits of: Subjects will have the opportunity to assess their heart rate, VO2max and also a free fitness assessment.

Subject recruitment: Participants need to establish contact with the researcher from May 26 to no later than 17h00, June 15.

Researcher: Fayyaaz Mohiudeen

Contact Details: Cell: 072 855 1114 or e-mail:

Time frame: Subjects will be required to visit the Sports Science Institute during the months of June and July.

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