UCT is a gun-free zone

08 September 2003

As academic pressures mount and the university community prepares for end-of-year examinations, Campus Protection Services is asking staff and students to remain vigilant in preventing thefts.

Thefts from offices and residences tend to rise during this period as the university community focuses on the fast ap-proaching October exams and subsequent holidays. CPS operations manager Vincent Ricketts, has requested that staff secure their personal belongings when leaving their offices, even for a short time.

"Make sure your office is locked even if you are stepping out for a few minutes," he said. "And question strangers in your building, especially those who look lost or who are loitering.

"We urge staff members to call us if loiterers are found in their buildings. CPS is available to investigate these instances," he added.

With access control systems being abused, thefts occurring inside residences continue unabated.

Ricketts asked students to ensure their flat windows and doors are secured and that valuables are locked away.

He said: "Don't allow anyone to "tailgate" behind you when entering or leaving the residence. Each person is required to swipe their security card when entering an access-controlled building."

CPS wish to remind staff and students that the university is a gun-free zone. "Guns on campus or in residences will not be tolerated," said Ricketts. "Staff and students are responsible for informing their visitors of this policy."

On a lighter note, CPS can report that on September 1, three suspects were apprehended after breaking into a car in Chapel Road.

The suspects, carrying a bag, were detained after two CPS officers saw them loitering in Cecil Road.

The bag and its contents were later identified by the owner of the car as being his property.

The suspects were handed over to the police and formally charged.

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