Calling all volunteers

12 May 2003
Researchers in the MRC/UCT Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Unit are in search of suitable subjects for their many studies.
  • Alison Turner is investigating whether anaesthesia on the sole of the foot alters running biomechanics and muscle recruitment while using different insoles. As such, she is looking for 10 to 15 male runners between 20- and 30-years of age who have been running four times a week for at least three years to assist her. Turner can be contacted at 072 226-7191 for more information.
  • For her study, Kristina Plattner needs male runners (age 25-40 years) who have completed at least one ultra marathon and train three or more hours a week, but are willing to cut back on their training for the test period of six weeks. Plattner is looking at the effect of exercise-induced delayed-onset of muscle soreness on the oxygen consumption and respiratory exchange ratio during submaximal exercise. Plattner can be reached at 082 804-3401 or at email
  • George Mokone needs subjects who have had an Achilles tendon rupture (complete or partial). Mokone can be contacted at 650-4559 or 072 133-9027, or via email at

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