Letter: Parking

10 April 2003
Regarding abovementioned subject:

Apparently you ran an article about two weeks ago regarding the ratio of parking bays to discs sold being 1:9. I have missed this particular issue of the paper.

I, as a registered student who has paid his fees and paid for a parking disc and therefore a parking spot, would like to know what explanation for this gross money making racket (for that's all that it can be called), if any, was received from the party(s) involved.

Parking on campus probably had always been a problem and will continue to be in years to come, but this is not a way to solve this problem.

This racket needs to be exposed and hopefully you would keep some "reporting" pressure on the guilty party(s) until such time as they formulate a clear and acceptable directive for the future.

Stupid excuses like "not everyone that buys a disc uses their car every day", etc. should be treated with the disrespect it deserves!

Regards & hope to hear / see results soon!

C. Maree

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