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Monday Monthly

Latest edition

Volume 34.04
Monday, 25 May 2015

Front Page
How do we decolonise UCT?

Shake the dust
What does decolonisation look like?

Postgraduates for Africa

Conversations in community

Universities enmeshed in the fabric of colonialism
Knowledge of the marginalised essential to curriculum
A decolonised curriculum has space for European discourse
Find the points of intersection
Decolonisation is not unique to South Africa
Shedding the colonial curriculum structure
UCT for everybody
Africa must be enlightened for Africans by Africans
Decolonise the mind
A vision for a three-year undergrad degree in African studies
Decolonisation essential for equality and justice
Linguistics: a study in decolonisation
Knowledge must serve the interests of the majority
Take cultural perspectives into account
Curriculum change the starting point for decolonisation
Unbundling the colonial university
Push transformation forward
Decolonising knowledge 101
Are we under autocratic rule?

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